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 Belle's Coffee Shop

Mondays, 11am-1pm EST.


John's Rock Show

Airing the best in indiie rock music live from the UK!


Dear Emmy

Thursdays from 10pm to 11pm Eastern Standard Time. Details Coming soon.


Whispers From the Ancestors

Join JoJo and Ryan every Saturday from 5-7pm EST as they explore the rich history of Native American/First Nations culture, spirituality, folklore, music and way of life.


 The Love Hour with DJ Keith, Mondays 4-5pm EST.


Divine Dimensions

Listen in to Divine Dimensions with co-hosts LynAnne Moon and Frank Fudge;  every Thursday Night from 8pm until 10pm Eastern Standard Time. Details coming soon.


Parascience Talk Radio

Para-science Talk Radio Show is the new generation of Para talk!  The show educates listeners on all things scientific. Fridays 10pm-12m EST.


Centerpoint Meditation

Meditative music to start off our spiritual Sunday lineup. Sunday mornings 9-11am Eastern Standard Time.


Morning Coffee with Donnie

Tuesday through Friday, 11am-1pm EST. Saturdays 11am-12pm EST.


Spooky School

Spooky School with Krys and Jassmyne Godly. Fridays, 3:30-5pm EST.


Seers of Souls

Host Feather states; "I am a teacher of the old ways, come journey with me and see if we can see and understand as one together." Saturday 8-10pm EST.


 Spirit Within

Discover the spirit within you with host and paranormal investigator Richard A. Sepulveda. Airing every tuesday night at 6pm Eastern Standard Time.


Earth Radio One

Earth. The show accused of telling the truth, and has been found...Guilty. Saturday nights 10pm to midnight.


Crossing The Void Paranormal Radio

Join us on Hey-Z Radio Network Wednesday Nights from 8pm-11pm EST for Crossing The Void Paranormal Radio with Host Scott Haire.


The Eclectic Lightshow

Tune in also for The Electric Light Show that they also co-host together, Sundays from 8 - 10pm Eastern. Music genres range from contemporary, to Weird Al to Jazz to Blues, Movie Themes and more!


 Belle's Latte with A Twist, Tuesdays 11am-1pm EST with Belle Salisbury


Ascension Talk Radio

Discussing the supernatural, paranormal, spiritual and the divine. Every Sunday night from 6 until 8pm Eastern Standard Time.


 Studio Z, Saturdays 12am-2am EST.


Club Onyx with DJ3

Thursday, 11pm - 1am Eastern Starndard Time


 The Black Cat Lounge with Reverend Tim Shaw, Saturdays 7pm EST


Urban Shaman

Urban Shaman a different kind of Psychic talk radio. Interviews with Psychics, Healers, Artists, Entertainers and more about helping to change the world for the better.


Live With Belle Salisbury

Each week Belle will discuss various topics within the metaphysical realm to help educate and enlighten you. Call in during the last hour to get a free reading.


 Losing It with Adrienne Diaz, Thursdays 3pm EST



The show includes a series of “Voices of Distinction” interviews, with those consciously creating the life / enterprise of their dreams…Tuesdays 7-8:30pm EST.


Our Worlds

Saturdays, 5-7pm EST.


Metal and Mayhem

Saturdays, 3-5pm EST with your host Gilgamesh.


The Malliard Report

The Malliard Report brings it all to you. Full bore. Jim says Bring it on , bring it up, nothin’ we can’t handle.


Illuminations of the Chalice Lighters

Join Rev Wanda Campbell and Rev Belle Salisbury Sunday mornings 11:00 am to Noon EST for our non-denominational Sunday service.


 Gnomes Gone Wile, Thursdays 6-8pm EST


 Country Style with DJ Frosty, Tuesday and Thursdays 4-6pm EST


  • Belle's Coffee Shop
  • John's Rock Show
  • Dear Emmy
  • Whispers From the Ancestors
  • The Love Hour
  • Divine Dimensions
  • Para-science Talk Radio
  • Centerpoint Meditation
  • Morning Coffee with Donnie
  • Spooky School
  • Seers of Souls
  • Spirit Within
  • Earth Radio One
  • Crossing The Void
  • The Eclectic Lightshow
  • Belle's Latte With A Twist
  • Ascension Talk Radio
  • Studio Z
  • Club Onyx
  • The Black Cat Lounge
  • Urban Shaman
  • Live With Belle Salisbury
  • Losing It
  • Rebelations
  • Our Worlds
  • Metal and Mayhem
  • The Malliard Report
  • Illuminations of the Chalice Lighters
  • Gnomes Gone Wild
  • Country Style

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January Issue of Bellesprit Magazine

Hey Z Radio Network supports Bellesprit Magazine! Bellespirit is a free online magazine that covers Spiritual, Metaphysical and Paranormal topics.

This Friday, 2/22/13, 9-11PM CT (10-12M ET) on Parascience Talk Radio Show, Join Host Gina Wedlake and Jack Oliver and special guest Astral Projectionist Expert, of the Astral Pulse Academy,David Warner! Since 1987, David has been traveling out of body. He shares with others his experiences and brings awareness to the community what is possible through OBE. David will also be bringing on the air, a special student of his academy that will inspire/enlighten us to the the possiblities of astral travel like never before! This is a must hear program for any OBE enthusiast. Curious? Join us and see what possibilities astral travel could bring to you! Listen live and join us in our live chat room to interact with David tonight!

YOURMUZE.FMHey Z Radio Network is now streaming on the YOURMUZE.FM mobile application. 




Sunday, September 16th, 6-8pm EST.

Patrick and MichelleOur guests today on Ascension Talk Radio will be Patrick Cross and Michelle Desrochers of Canada's Most Haunted and Burlington Ghost Walks. They also work extensively with Toronto's castle - Casa Loma.


911 Tribute

Tuesday night, September 11 2012, at 8p-12M Est

Please join us as we all remember those lives that were taken unnecessarily. We will pay tribute with a moment of silence, tribute with music and conversation of where we were when the Twin Towers came down.


Haunted Collinwood Inn

Sunday, September 9th, 6-8pm EST.

Our special guests today on Ascension Talk Radio will be Brian and Gerri Gray from the Haunted Collinwood Inn in Oneida, NY.

The COLLINWOOD INN Bed and Brekfast at the historic and haunted Farnam Mansion is the world's only Dark Shadows themed inn, offering comfortable lodging in a gothic atmosphere filled with antiques and various Dark Shadows memorabilia.

Ascension Talk Radio on Facebook »


Chinhee Sunhee ParkTonight's special guest is Janét Bowerman who specializes in working with Animal Totems and their messages. When we can slow down and listen to Mother Nature we receive the opportunity to gain guidance and direction along our life path. Tonight's guest, Janét Bowerman, does just that. Mother Nature’s watchful eye is always upon us ever guiding us through our life lessons with messages brought to us by the gentle souls of her creatures.

Find out more about Janet>>
Janet's column at Bellesprit magazine>>
Host Belle Salisbury's Website


Chinhee Sunhee ParkJoin Christa Lore Urban as she interviews Sunhee and Chinhee Park. Korean identical twins Chinhee and Sunhee Park are both psychic mediums and empaths. Born in Seoul, Korea, they were adopted by an Italian and Irish family at the age of two. Chinhee in Korean means “Big Heart” and Sunhee means “Full of Life”. Their two energies combined are enough to give one person a burst of positive, healing, and loving energies.


Hey-z Radio Mission StatementGiven the variety of programs offered here on Hey Z Radio Network you are bound to find one or more shows to your liking. The Hey Z Radio Network will broadcast from our computer into your home, work place and mobile devices around the clock and around the world.

With shows covering all genres including spirituality, health and wellness, Paranormal, Sports and music each of our shows will strive to present the best of the best. We have professional and experienced show hosts from all walks of life willing to share their knowledge and experience through their shows and guests in hopes that each listener will leave a little bit more informed and entertained.

With interactive capabilities through the website, radio chat room and call in capabilities you will have complete access to the show hosts and guest throughout the network. The interactive website will give you access to each show information as well as information on upcoming shows and network events. 

We are a community of people working together as a network to bring a little more awareness to those around us. If it takes a village then we as a network will be part of that village.

Let the Hey Z Radio Network be your new source for music, talk and entertainment.

Mission Statement

The Hey Z Radio Network was built upon the premise that each person who enters its walls will be respected and appreciated as the individual they are. With all of the chaos in the world Hey Z will strive to bring innovative, high energy as well as uplifting and educational programming. Read More >>

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